Bathroom Makeover Tips 2017

For your small bathroom use an enclosed rectangular shower stall using frosted glass blocks stacked approximately seven to eight high. Behind the shower, use large marble or ceramic tiles with two complementary colors alternating between each color with one a little darker than the other. Halfway up the shower wall put a border approximately 12 to 4 inches using flat pebble tiles in a lighter color and then finishes the rest of the tile wall. To complete your shower, use a frosted glass door with an aluminum frame with a silver finish.

For a different shower that will have everyone talking have a tiled mural installed on the back wall of your shower. If you have a special memory such as the beach where your husband purposed to you, take it to a mosaic artist and have them make the tiles so when installed you can look at the picture of a very special memory. You can also get other scenes such as animals, trees, water scenes, etc. For the other one or two walls use small ceramic tiles that will complement or set off the mural. Install clear glass doors so the painting is visible when you step into the bathroom.

Shower remodel ideas

If you are using a walk-in shower design, you can have it door-less or add glass doors. You could also use multi-shower heads so two people can shower at the same time. Add a shower seat or bench and use a LED showerhead, turning out the lights in the bathroom and lighting candles. This will help to create a relaxing mood.

If you install a shower stall, the very popular ones are those that are used frosted or transparent glass. These give a grand look to your bathroom. Include some classy fixtures like a rainfall shower.

Shower remodel designs

If you have a large bathroom, use a walk-in shower design as they are very spacious. Some people have a fear of small enclosed spaces so this would a great design to use. If you only have a small space install a shower stall in the shape, size, and material of your choice.

Shower remodel trends say: Many different trends are flooding the market, but one of the most popular is putting a shower seat or bench in the shower. Yes, it may sound like a lazy way to take a shower, but if you are tired and do not feel like taking a shower or climbing in the tub, then a seat or bench is a good idea. Just sit down and shower. Also, a new trend is different types of showerheads like LED showerheads, rainfall showerheads, multi-showerheads, and water efficient showerheads. Most people think grab bars in the shower are for the elderly but in today’s showers, it is trendy to have them installed.

Shower remodel costs

On average, a shower remodels can cost $6,000 or more. It depends on what you are having installed, the grade and type of materials, and how long it takes the job to be finished.

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