Water Damage Problem: Can You Refinish Bruce Hardwood Floors?

Bruce is one of the most popular hardwood flooring brands, but since it is popular, many people ask: can you refinish Bruce hardwood floors that have experienced water damage? What if the floor is prefinished? The answer: yes you can, but the efforts will need several steps that are better left with professionals, unless you are also an expert in wood flooring.

Water Damage Problem: Can You Refinish Bruce Hardwood Floors?

Water damage can happen to any hardwood floors, especially if you have them for a long time. How can you refinish Bruce hardwood floors if the surface becomes dull and grainy because of it? Here are the steps:

  • Sand the surface once. You should do it really carefully if your floor’s veneer layer is just about 1/8 inch. Unless you can do professional sanding work, you better call a pro to sand the surface, especially if your floor is not really flat.
  • Sand and refurbish the floor like usual if the floor’s veneer layer is 1/6 inch minimum in thickness.
  • Apply modified polyurethane oil coat. To protect the floor further, you can apply it 3 to 4 times.

You can use orbital sand to smooth the floor. If your hardwood floor has thin veneer, the contractor may suggest you to strip it chemically. You can also ask about this option if the contractor does not mention it. However, if your floor is prefinished, the result may not be good.



How to Keep the Bruce Hardwood Floor Good

Your Bruce hardwood floor can last longer if you avoid water damage. If you are a type of person who uses pine-smelled mopping liquid to clean the floor, get rid of that habit and replaces it with proper cleaning method. You can use mixture between white vinegar and warm water to clean the hardwood floor, but make sure that there is no excessive moisture, which is the biggest enemy of wood floor

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